Regina Saphier: The Jordan Peterson (Psychedelic) Experience

Regina Saphier: The Jordan Peterson (Psychedelic) Experience

Jordan Peterson is a controversial Canadian clinical psychologist and psychology professor. He is also a best selling author and a member of the IDW. I think he is a very troubled and very talented human being. While he would so intelligently talk about the historical use of psychedelics (see video below) and how this relates to spiritual development and clinically proven healing of mental illnesses, he (in other videos) would warn against their use… and then he takes the prescribed and dangerous Benzodiazepine for his own anxiety (he also struggled with depression in the past)… and that action almost killed him recently, because his body developed a dependency. Instead of asking for a psilocybin trip treatment in the Netherlands his irrational fear kept him in the super dangerous and detached realm of psychiatry. He could have cured his depression and his anxiety with one or two psilocybin trips and a good trip guide. Instead in his “left brained” hyper rational blindness (Avidyā), devoid of his intuition, he almost killed himself. His example says it all. This is why psychedelic therapy should be a separate field, distinguishing itself by being in touch with nature and human intuition, while also being scientific and spiritual (but not religious). Once a Jordan Peterson type of person understands the difference and stands up in support of this new field, he will be healthier, a more adept leader and a true healer. This is my personal opinion.

If you share my post, please share it with his excellent lecture on psychedelics, healing and spirituality:
Jordan Peterson – The Shamanic Experience:


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